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Why choose Brams

A Multi-Industry Focus

From health and hospitality to media and motoring, our innovative technology solutions and IT services can be adapted to the specifications and requirements of a multitude of industries.

Discover Brams

Leading cloud specialist where relationships matter

  • Founded 2000

    Nineteen years helping companies improve their IT especially in the adoption and evangelization of cloud computing thanks to a substantial investment in top talent and best technology partners.

  • 150 Employees

    Brams employs passionate and dedicated problem-solvers, serving more than 500 leading companies and 1500 corporate accounts and achieving the deployment of more than 1.000.000 Google Apps.

  • 8 Locations

    That contribute sustainable growth and provide best in class customer service based on a multicultural mindset to shake up the status quo with fresh insights and new perspectives.

  • Great Culture

    Our belief that personal development and empowerment combined with a positive atmosphere of honesty and trust lead to stronger performance and a robust long-term customer relationship.