Application Management

Practical solutions for complex systems

The most powerful solutions facilitate and support your company’s unique mission and goals. At Brams, we spend time understanding who you are as an organization and where you want to go. We produce and develop custom software, create native cloud applications and update existing legacy systems. Our collaborative, iterative approach provides speed, flexibility and successful outcomes for both public sector and commercial customers.


We employ DevSecOps to source (or create) the perfect synergy of products, tools and services required for your organization. The Brams development, cyber security and operations teams work together to generate innovative IT solutions for private enterprises and government.

A DevSecOps approach allows us to automate larger segments of the workflow process, improve speed and reliability in the delivery of solutions while monitoring and maintaining outcomes more effectively. The service includes:

  • Provision and management of infrastructure
  • Automated deployments
  • Performance and application monitoring

Agile Development

Using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), we design and build applications using agile methodology.
This entails the assembly of cross-functional teams of developers and testers to quickly deliver new iterations in an upwardly evolving and collaborative programming environment. The result is a stronger and more effective product for our customers.


Native Cloud Development

From design to deployment, we write custom software in and for the cloud environment. Cloud-native development means low downtime, rapid delivery and, with multi-cloud options, the ability to avoid vendor lock-in. Get the cloud’s most powerful tools built into your own custom-designed application.

Custom Application Development

We design applications that speak to your organizations’ unique challenges. From development to deployment, we create a collaborative, iterative and responsive environment for custom application development.

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